Friday, February 12, 2010

Daily Snippets

Snippets [ snip - its ]
- noun
1. a small piece snipped off; a small bit, scrap, or fragment
2. moments that make up my interesting, entertaining, blessed, and precious life

I feel that an explanation for Snippets is due, which therefore requires a story. I was wandering around the grocery store in Wilmington with my sister (as we do because we haven't quite mastered working in order of the items on our list) when we came to the dairy aisle. We needed whipping cream which I found much entertainment out of the "wh" in the whipping (ooo-whhhhipping cream!!). Shea finds enjoyment in my random thoughts (and humor which basically means that she's equally as odd minded as me because she understands it) and feels as if I need an outlet to share not only my thoughts, but my encounters, catastrophes, and entertaining moments.

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  1. Hoping I'm your first comment! Just want to say that I want to press a facebook-like like button for this post! And warn you that I am about to comment on all of your posts. :)