Monday, February 15, 2010

I wonder how Michael would feel...

I've just experienced the new version of "We Are the World" by Michael Jackson featuring everyone ever. So now it is "We Are the World 25" by Michael Jackson featuring the not so greatest artists ever. However, to no ones surprise I'm totally obsessed with this new recording. Please enjoy : )

I have to admit, as soon as as Michael started singing and they superimposed Janet next to him, a few small tears made their way down my cheek (partly because I'm a Michael Jackson fan and partly because it was so ridiculous). Props to Justin Bieber (who I only just discovered last week and am totally in love with along with every other 14 year old girl in the US) for successfully singing Lionel Richie's part. Wyclef Jean's tribal wailing was interesting as well but totally okay because he is the most deserving of a spot in this line-up. Josh Groban sounded like an angel as usual. Overall, we really could have done without the random outburst of "I'm On a Boat"-esque rapping, T-Pains 5 minute auto-tuneage, and Miley Cyrus. And I would have really liked seeing more than 1 Jonas in the choir as well as atleast know who Bizzy Bone and Nipsey Hussle are. Lil' Wayne must have invited them.

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  1. The Michael and Janet part weirded me out a lil bit (I love their voices!). I love Justin Bieber's "One Time." I wish I didn't like "I'm On a Boat" but I do. And I can't believe you dissed Miley! Ah! She is my fav. part of the song!!