Thursday, May 27, 2010

Toe Tapping Thursday

Today this song is making me feel great, just lovely inside, I'm singing rather loud...
and I'm anxious because I can't wait for their new album.

Shout It Out

Just for kicks
you should click

this box and download this free song from my favorite boys

Gosh, they make me feel happy.
And they'll make you feel happy too.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I think I have a problem

If you know me at all, you know I'm slightly neurotic
(slightly might be an understatement)

Recycling has been my latest kick.

 I drive the ever living mess out of my friends if there is any plastic, aluminum, or glass in sight that doesn't make it into the recycling bin.

And I get angry every time I have a cardboard box because in the big Goose Creek, they don't recycle cardboard...and that's just stupid.

So at work, I keep asking about a recycling bin
 and I keep getting directed to the
 big, huge, box of mystery...
where the paper goes, no body knows.

The result:  I bring my recycling home with me.


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Summer skin

Summer skin...

the smell of suncreen and salt


the feeling of a long summer day

familiar melodies from
summer tunes

super sticky smores

and throwing your friend
off the Waver Runner


excellent adventures

Saturday, May 22, 2010

film awareness

Drop everything you're doing...

Okay, maybe not really

but DO go get this movie and watch it.

You will wish you were alive during the British pop invasion
 (unless you were)

You'll laugh. You'll feel awkward. You'll wish you were British.
and if you're like me, you'll cry.

and if you don't at least enjoy the amazing music

you'll at least enjoy

Tom Sturridge

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Toe Tapping Thursday

Today this song is making my soul sing, my head bop, my fingers snap, my face smile....

Dave Barnes Little Lies

Monday, May 17, 2010

Almost Over Miscellany Monday

I know Monday is almost over

but I'm joining in on the fun anyways


1.  Tomorrow should be a rather satisfying day. After I work for a couple hours, a friend from Charleston is meeting me in Dallas for Mexican and Snowballs!
Not only is the Mexican food in Dallas the bomb-dig-itty, there is a totally sketched out gas station that has New Orleans Snowballs.

All you need to understand is that they're the greatest treat, a God given gift, and one of my most favorite things in the entire world. Another time, another post.

2. I'm jacking a guitar from my good friend, Lauren, for the summer while I'm in Dallas. I'm finally going to get serious and maybe make some progress on this instrument.
3. I've gone Flexetarian!
Sounds silly...I know. But, since I went to school I really stopped eating a lot of meat (unless it involved one of my 8 Chick-fil-A runs a week) so I've decided to put some method to my madness. I read this book and it's been pretty good! I'm eating small amounts of meat for about 1-4 meals a week and I love it!

4.  These super yogurt shops are everywhere in Dallas. They are the greatest things! They're mega-trendy, self-serve, and they have the tastiest flavors (like coconut and Red Velvet cupcake!) and it's fat-free. You just fill up a cup with whatever you want, top it off with fun treats, and weigh it! It's only 30 cents an ounce. Charleston...we need these!!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Prepare thyself for merriment

All of the Lords and Ladies of the land venture on a pilgrimage....
a pilgrimage of much valor and glory to

The Renaissance Faire

Here, one shall find many gifts and wonders.

Ye shall bedrape thyself in traditional Renaissance apparel.

Take part in the trades of the period.

Lords may approach one with a deranged look on their face.

And then eat fire. They mean no harm. Just tip them well.

A Lady may find herself being serenaded by a rather
poorly trained trio of men dressed in skirts.

In attempt to find entertainment, all the people of the land will come out for a wild bit of jousting...which may even end up with a Royal Wrestling match.

Should one find they are in need of a silly hat, follow this sign...

and take a gander at the Gnome Home where they are never lacking in silly hats, pan flutes, and man's discarded items which of course are a Gnome's treasure.

During the Renaissance, elephants wandered about the globe
so naturally they would be at a Renaissance Faire.
Feel free to pet.

Aside from the pillaging and plundering of pirates, the Bubonic plague, and public baths the Renaissance was an extremely safe period of time.
We owe it all to this guy.

What?! You didn't know there were fairies during the Renaissance?
What Renaissance did you visit?

Don Juan even returned from his humble home in Hell to make a
comedic, sword-fighting, romantic appearance.
Don Juan was also wearing a therapeutic boot...
tis a modern medicine Renaissance.

You can imagine the strange looks we received when we showed up dressed like this.
How weird are we?

Twas an excellent journey.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Trendy Traveling

My upcoming trip to Italy calls for some must have
 cute new travel items


This precious Liz Claiborne clutch.

I hate lugging around huge bags when I have to do tons of walking.
So, this is tiny and will stick close...
and will look great with my Nikon strapped around my neck!
Such a tourist...

Speaking of walking
I bought Borns! I never thought I'd see the day...
but these are actually really cute
and will be great for walking.

Maybe I've finally found some luggage that won't look just like everyone elses...
What do you think?

And a cute bright green luggage tag to complete the look.

Only 3 more weeks!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

FM Deprivation

I love you Dallas

But I hate your awful selection of nothing but
Spanish and sappy country music radio selections.
Oh, and your one pop-rock station that makes me gag.
(not that there is anything wrong with these particular kinds of stations...)

Today, my drive home from work made me really miss

If you're a Charlestonian and you don't listen to this station, you should.
You can even listen live online if you're not a Charlestonian...
or you have to listen in the office (which I may start doing).

It's pure happiness over an FM wave.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Book Club: A Lineage of Grace

I just finished reading A Lineage of Grace by Francine Rivers

by the suggestion and loan of my friend Sarah. 
(check out her Bon Mot...totally awesome)

     It follows the stories of 5 extraordinary women; Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba, and Mary. Each of their stories are so different but equally challenging and includes their most scandalous and their most blessed moments. Francine Rivers tells the biblical stories from a fictional view point with characters and events that she believes would have fit into the historical setting.

     I would suggest any woman to read this book. If you've ever felt unworthy, unusable, broken, inexperienced, unequipped, or any other feeling that may cause you to think you're not able to be used by God, these women will change your perspective. I mean, if Rahab can idol worship and be with just about every man within the walls Jericho and still marry a blessed Jew and be in the lineage of Christ, God can do wonders and use you too. Oh, speaking of Christ, if you ever wondered how Mary felt raising the Son of God (quite a task to be given I imagine), just get ready. I wept quite a few times.

     I was reminded of some incredible things about faith in God through the lives of these women. There's nothing I can do that can change God's love for me, there's nothing he can't overcome, and by faith I am made strong. God has called me to do some pretty big things in life, as I'm sure he has done for you. I've been called to serve children through teaching, and teach all of God's children of all ages through missions and ministry. This is a scary thing to think about especially when I feel unequipped or unprepared or especially unworthy of being a part of God's plan. But if these girls had it going on, then I think I do too.

I would love it if any of you have a book that you've read recently,
 if you would Book Club too!
I'm always looking for great reads. Let me know whats out there!
Maybe I can start my first Linky... 

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Adventures in Choir Nerding

This is a special post for my choir friends,
who I will miss singing with terribly.

Last week, we set out on a journey.
A path which zig-zagged around the state of South Carolina,
on which we coax high schoolers to "Become one of us".
Along the way, we found ourselves being...ourselves.
Choir nerds.

We practiced being sappy couples.
Nothing like couple-skate style down the hallways of school.

Hording snacks from the church you're singing at helps you save your perdiem.

The reason we sing: the receptions.
Okay, maybe not the only reason.

But, maybe not for the cheese crunchies.

We like to have awkward dance parties on the bus.

And free-style rap.
"I went to the store with my friend named Jim!"
"He's got a hot girlfriend and she's really _____!"

Dramatically lounge on the lawn,
 because there's no way we're getting in the water.

We pretend we're anacondas, just because it's ridiculous.

We survive nose-diving pontoons who decide to act as submarines.
Talk about life-jacket action.

We thoroughly enjoy banana pudding, because it's not a barbecue with out it.

We constantly perform. Or serenade each other...whatever.

We secretly wish we could have had airbrush tee's for our uniforms instead.

we're super

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Summer Saga

God's blessings never cease to amaze me.

Yesterday, I embarked on the first of
many journeys of Summer 2010.

I always enjoy my time in the airport (not so much the planes).

I've discovered that if you're lucky enough to find a people cart and walk behind it,
 it acts as a "people plow", shoveling people to the side creating
a clear path so you can easily zip to your gate which has
 most likely changed the other end of the concourse by the time you get there anyways.
I dub thee
 "most efficient way to maneuver through the Atlanta airport".

Sky Mall magazine is also one of my favorite things about flying.

I think my favorite product I have discovered is
The Only Video Recording Sunglasses
"These are the glasses with a built-in video camera that allow you
to discreetly record all you see"

Translation: "These glasses allow you to creep on anyone. They are specifically designed by our technicians to assure that you efficiently look the part!"

So, here I am:

I'll be in Dallas for the next 3 months working with
College and Singles at First Baptist Dallas.

I'm fully expecting to see God do amazing works in the life of his people, including me, in Dallas. This is my first opportunity to work in ministry with college students and I can't wait to see what God has in store.

I also have the incredible opportunity to go here:


I am going on my last choir tour (probably ever) to Italy in June.
There are a lot of gifts that God has given me, but nothing brings pleasure and
 makes my soul cry out like music.
It is my outlet, my praise, and a passion.

We have the opportunity to sing in cathedrals and churches throughout northern Italy, combine with other choirs from around the world,
and show the love of Christ through our words and our gifts.

While I miss the beaches of Charleston, and the crazy antics of my friends, and probably won't get to feel the crisp air of the mountains this summer,
God has some big plans for me.

And some big plans for his ministry, and opportunities to see old friends and make new ones.
 To make memories with family. Hop around the country, and the globe.
And hopefully to learn something.

And I can't wait.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Many Faces of Choir

It isn't any mystery that choir kids are unique and precious in their own way.
I would know because I am one...and I'm very proud of it.

However, you may not realize that there are signature singing faces...
Most of which are quite frankly horrifying.

Disclaimer: Names have been changed for the protection of those we are mocking.

The "Shoo fly, don't bother me"
Best used in picnic settings, the dump, and insect infested choir rooms everywhere.

The Frosh Jazier French "Stiff Upper Lip"

The Overly-Dramatic Depths of Despair
For when you just want to get your point across.

The Trad
Careful, your face may just stick that way.

The Full Lyric Tenor
"Can't you see my tails?!"

The Weeping Willow
Because you have no other emotion.

The Hyper-extended Upper Lip
"Careful with that. I'd hate for you to pull a muscle."

The "Ahh! Real Audience!"
"I thought this was just a dress rehearsal!"

The uh-Ooooo
How exactly did you expect sound to come out of that?

The Face that has Won a Thousand Hearts
Well, maybe not that face.