Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Adventures in Choir Nerding

This is a special post for my choir friends,
who I will miss singing with terribly.

Last week, we set out on a journey.
A path which zig-zagged around the state of South Carolina,
on which we coax high schoolers to "Become one of us".
Along the way, we found ourselves being...ourselves.
Choir nerds.

We practiced being sappy couples.
Nothing like couple-skate style down the hallways of school.

Hording snacks from the church you're singing at helps you save your perdiem.

The reason we sing: the receptions.
Okay, maybe not the only reason.

But, maybe not for the cheese crunchies.

We like to have awkward dance parties on the bus.

And free-style rap.
"I went to the store with my friend named Jim!"
"He's got a hot girlfriend and she's really _____!"

Dramatically lounge on the lawn,
 because there's no way we're getting in the water.

We pretend we're anacondas, just because it's ridiculous.

We survive nose-diving pontoons who decide to act as submarines.
Talk about life-jacket action.

We thoroughly enjoy banana pudding, because it's not a barbecue with out it.

We constantly perform. Or serenade each other...whatever.

We secretly wish we could have had airbrush tee's for our uniforms instead.

we're super


  1. This is so cute and it makes me daydream of all my fun choir tour days! I have so many photo albums filled with memories I will never forget!

  2. Oh Choir tour... I cannot wait for the ridiculousness that Italy will bring. =)