Friday, May 14, 2010

Trendy Traveling

My upcoming trip to Italy calls for some must have
 cute new travel items


This precious Liz Claiborne clutch.

I hate lugging around huge bags when I have to do tons of walking.
So, this is tiny and will stick close...
and will look great with my Nikon strapped around my neck!
Such a tourist...

Speaking of walking
I bought Borns! I never thought I'd see the day...
but these are actually really cute
and will be great for walking.

Maybe I've finally found some luggage that won't look just like everyone elses...
What do you think?

And a cute bright green luggage tag to complete the look.

Only 3 more weeks!


  1. Found your blog through Morgan's! Have SUCH an incredible time in Italy, I was their last summer .. Prepare yourself for the heat and humity ... But I am sure you're use to that!

    Love the clutch and shoes!