Sunday, May 16, 2010

Prepare thyself for merriment

All of the Lords and Ladies of the land venture on a pilgrimage....
a pilgrimage of much valor and glory to

The Renaissance Faire

Here, one shall find many gifts and wonders.

Ye shall bedrape thyself in traditional Renaissance apparel.

Take part in the trades of the period.

Lords may approach one with a deranged look on their face.

And then eat fire. They mean no harm. Just tip them well.

A Lady may find herself being serenaded by a rather
poorly trained trio of men dressed in skirts.

In attempt to find entertainment, all the people of the land will come out for a wild bit of jousting...which may even end up with a Royal Wrestling match.

Should one find they are in need of a silly hat, follow this sign...

and take a gander at the Gnome Home where they are never lacking in silly hats, pan flutes, and man's discarded items which of course are a Gnome's treasure.

During the Renaissance, elephants wandered about the globe
so naturally they would be at a Renaissance Faire.
Feel free to pet.

Aside from the pillaging and plundering of pirates, the Bubonic plague, and public baths the Renaissance was an extremely safe period of time.
We owe it all to this guy.

What?! You didn't know there were fairies during the Renaissance?
What Renaissance did you visit?

Don Juan even returned from his humble home in Hell to make a
comedic, sword-fighting, romantic appearance.
Don Juan was also wearing a therapeutic boot...
tis a modern medicine Renaissance.

You can imagine the strange looks we received when we showed up dressed like this.
How weird are we?

Twas an excellent journey.

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  1. well it looks like you had an interesting time!! thanks so much for making me a blog too!!