Monday, May 10, 2010

The Summer Saga

God's blessings never cease to amaze me.

Yesterday, I embarked on the first of
many journeys of Summer 2010.

I always enjoy my time in the airport (not so much the planes).

I've discovered that if you're lucky enough to find a people cart and walk behind it,
 it acts as a "people plow", shoveling people to the side creating
a clear path so you can easily zip to your gate which has
 most likely changed the other end of the concourse by the time you get there anyways.
I dub thee
 "most efficient way to maneuver through the Atlanta airport".

Sky Mall magazine is also one of my favorite things about flying.

I think my favorite product I have discovered is
The Only Video Recording Sunglasses
"These are the glasses with a built-in video camera that allow you
to discreetly record all you see"

Translation: "These glasses allow you to creep on anyone. They are specifically designed by our technicians to assure that you efficiently look the part!"

So, here I am:

I'll be in Dallas for the next 3 months working with
College and Singles at First Baptist Dallas.

I'm fully expecting to see God do amazing works in the life of his people, including me, in Dallas. This is my first opportunity to work in ministry with college students and I can't wait to see what God has in store.

I also have the incredible opportunity to go here:


I am going on my last choir tour (probably ever) to Italy in June.
There are a lot of gifts that God has given me, but nothing brings pleasure and
 makes my soul cry out like music.
It is my outlet, my praise, and a passion.

We have the opportunity to sing in cathedrals and churches throughout northern Italy, combine with other choirs from around the world,
and show the love of Christ through our words and our gifts.

While I miss the beaches of Charleston, and the crazy antics of my friends, and probably won't get to feel the crisp air of the mountains this summer,
God has some big plans for me.

And some big plans for his ministry, and opportunities to see old friends and make new ones.
 To make memories with family. Hop around the country, and the globe.
And hopefully to learn something.

And I can't wait.


  1. What a summer! We will miss you but I hope you have a wonderful time!

  2. Ok, first the sunglasses are totally creepy-it's like a dream for the old creepy men that sit on the benches at the mall only to watch the young girls. I just creeped myself out saying that!haha is my passion as well. It's great that you have the opportunities you do. Our choir tours took us no farther north than New York and no farther south the South Carolina. God does have big plans for you-seize the moment!!

  3. Sounds like an amazing summer! :) And yes, I want those sunglasses. No, I will not be creepy.

  4. okay I am with heather ... totally creeped out by those sunglasses and now I will be paranoid whenever I see someone with sunglasses on who's watching me. I'll be all like, "are they watching or recording??? ahhhh"

    how lucky are you??? Enjoy your traveling!! I would LOVE to go to Italy! :)

  5. sounds like you have a really fun summer ahead of you. such a cute blog. :)