Monday, October 4, 2010

Fresh Seasons

Thank you fall weather, changing leaves, pumpkin flavored everything, boots and hats.

I'm beyond thrilled for
this season.

So I'm going to celebrate how good life is
as I return to my blog. most beautiful blog.
(courtesies of my wonderful friend Sarah at Sarah Ann's Bon Mot )

There are wonderful things taking place in life.
And to celebrate the fall season I took a trip to see my family-away-from-my-real-family in Asheville this weekend. So refreshing to be home.

I think my heart will always be in the mountains.
Great things happen here...
like finding the perfect toaster oven for $4 at a random yard sale
and partaking in family dinners and lots of coffee on back porches.

And a whole shlew of great people in a Dodge Durango loud as we can.

And hikes up beautiful mountains, waterfalls, and trees.

Learning survival skills from Mr. Chris.
using an acorn cap as a whistle and almost losing your hearing in the process

Acquiring new friends:
Daniel and Gerica happened to be the ones I picked up this weekend.

Perfecting comedy routines. We're hilarous, can't you tell?

As I'm finishing up this last year of school
 I'm really hoping to have the best season yet.

And I'm super excited to blog about it.


  1. I am SUPER excited the blog is back! =D

  2. I believe a new car blog is in order!

  3. Loooove the pics on your header. You are gorgeous. So glad you are blogging again! Love you.

  4. Welcome back! Your header pics are beautiful!