Friday, October 15, 2010

Underwater "Adventure"

I picked up a new hobby today.

It's too bad "Scuba Kels"
isn't nearly as catchy as
"Scuba Steve".

Both of my parents are certified scuba divers
and Dad thinks it's time I up my
"coolness level".

About ten minutes of strategic maneuvering to get into a 7mm wet suit
(aka the underwater unitard of torture which is equally as hard to get out of)
and Mom suiting me up in her gear,
I was able to jump in the pool...
the 60 degree pool, might I add.

And I ended upside down with my feet sticking
straight out of the water.
There was a whole lot of thrashing involved in this.
I'm spastic as it is so just imagine the extra troubles of the
weights, the wet suit, flippers, and a rather large tank.
Might take some time to get used to all this!

Mom came to the rescue and put flippers
and several extra pounds of weight on me...

So, not the most scenic adventure...
but next thing I know I'll have the ever cheesy and cliche'
"I'd rather be Scuba Diving"
license tag on my Corolla...
just like Mom and Dad.

Next step, get certified!


  1. i'm so jealous, scuba is on my list of things to do! how long til you are certified/go in the ocean?

  2. How fun!!! :) I attempted scuba diving the first summer Genesis went to Roca Blanca, and it FREAKED me out!!! I am so impressed that you got past the ballancing-difficulty and (mostly for me, at least) the feeling of certain impending suffocation!

  3. You look so incredibly beautiful wearing dive gear!