Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hasta luego, L' !

My good friend L' has been replaced.

A good vehicle to me from my 16th birthday until this September.
I put her through a lot.

I bid my goodbye to my sweet yellow car about 3 weeks ago
and my entire family has yet to see my new ride
(including my wonderful Dad,
who is helping me with the car until I become a
contributing citizen with a real job upon graduation in May)
so consider this a catch-up post.

Meet Shontrelle. 
Classy, huh?
My good friends Jonathan and Andy did the honors of naming my Neon and so Jonathan felt called to name the Corolla S as well (S for Shontrelle).

Gettin' ready to drive'im off the lot!

The Corolla Sport is a little bit of an upgrade for me...
like it has 4 power windows, not just 2 (imagine that)
and auxiliary hookup and audio controls on the steering wheel.

and my most favorite feature
The sunroof!

It's really unbelievable how much fresh air I've been getting lately.

And if anyone knows me, and knew my crazy Neon
they also knew what my most prized possession was.

Many times this picture of my beloved Chris Jenkins has baffled people.
Boyfriends have asked me to remove it, my sister laughed at it every time she was banished to the Neon while I had her Jetta,
and Chris insists that it never leave my possession.
It's been taped to the Neon visor since before we graduated high school when Chris decided to spread his glorious face all around the halls of T.C. Roberson high.

It really is a great picture of you, Chris.

So here he is, in his rightful spot.

It wouldn't feel like my car without it.


  1. At least you had power anything. I have power nothing! I'm just hoping to make it through with the Neon until I, too, become someone contributing to society. And getting paid for it. Unpaid internships... All the work, no pay.

  2. Totally LOVE your new blog! The pictures are beautiful. I had to give up my little Hyundai Accent in 2006 because when someone decided it would be more fun to watch the side of the road instead of what was in front of him-thus rear-ending me and totalling my car! Boo. I miss that little thing sometimes! :-)

  3. Kelsi-coo! Stopping by your blog. :) I am so proud of you for driving that yellow bug-bus around as long as you did! Trooper!! Although I still miss the kinks of my ole' purple Dragon-Wagon. Oh well... ENJOY all the working parts! (That sounded kind of creepy, Ha-)

    <3 Karla Suzanne

  4. I totally understand you. It is really hard to give up something that is so valuable. But I think your old auto is in good hands now, and you can probably see it running on the street. I had the same feeling, too, when I gave up my old car. It is quite old and giving away. Although it is difficult, I think it is more practical to let it go. I got a lease for my new car at a dealership to compensate for the loss. :-)

  5. That smile on your face really shows how excited and happy you are to have that new car! Having a sunroof is great, isn’t it? You just have to open it and stand up whenever you want to feel the cool breeze!

  6. Oh! I love that big smile on your face! It’s good to see that even after giving up your precious car, you were able to move on and be happy with your new car. By the way, where did you get the name Shontrelle?