Sunday, October 10, 2010

Kulture Klash

Festivals are the best.

They're just one of the many reasons why this is my favorite time of year.

Meet Kulture Klash...
where several hundred people in strange clothing, many on roller skates and in tutu's, join together to celebrate art in a warehouse.

I almost pitched a tent and stayed there for forever.

3D glasses for the 3D art, of course.

Local musicians, DJ's, techno...
However, Jonathan and I were not in the line-up
though I do think if I played banjo and he had a keytar and a 'fro
we'd be an awesome duo.


Hula hoopers...with electric hula hoops.

Silent disco.
Where every one's dancing, but there's no music.
And everyone is wearing silly bands.
All the rage.


And break-dancers.

 A lot of interesting moments.

And these kids.

Super night.

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