Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bologna University and skeezy gondoliers

June 12

I had the great pleasure to visit Bologna, home of Bologna University!

Too bad there were no Buh-lone-ee University t-shirts.

Just think, you could have sat here in 1088 during an actual anatomy lab...with a body...not this awkward television art work thingy thing.

I quite literally could have eaten everything I saw in the market...
I wish we had these in America!!

Venchi Gelato was also discovered on our tour of Bologna...stay tuned because there is more to come about the most wonderful Gelato place in the world in a future post.

On this particular day at the cathedral in Bologna
 (with an unfinished facade)
I became an abomination
and embarrassment to the church

So I received my Versace model of toilet paper to
wrap my sinful self in.
Fashion statement, to say the least.

What is so special about this statue that we are all staring at and taking pictures of, you ask?

I'm sorry, but this time
I couldn't spare you the close up.

Bologna wins the award for awkward fountains.

June 13


We hopped a lovely little boat to the island of Venice.

We arrived to Piazza San Marco
and after an impromptu concert in the square, we sang
Mass in
 Basilica di San Marco

Concert Singers

After some lovely shopping for Murano glass,
we took a little gondola tour...
(hence, the skeezy gondolier)

Twas a lovely time...except for our gondolier being a creeper, buuuut what can you do?
I guess it's flattering to be hit on and potentially scammed by an Italian gondolier.
He definitely didn't make the cut for my potential Italian husband.

On our gondola tour, we saw the homes of
Marco Polo, Casanova, and Vivaldi!!
(not that I actually know what Sir Marco Polo did besides coin the name of a water game, or who Casanova really was..but Heath Ledger plays a great version of him!)

But, Vivaldi I know! Thank goodness I'm a music kid...

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