Saturday, June 19, 2010

My new pal, Dave

June 10

Meet St. Claire and St. Francis of Assisi
and Dr. Jairy Hunter, of course.

* In case you don't know this, Dr. Hunter is Charleston Southern University's president and I felt that in honor of his holiday he needed to attend our trip as well

Assisi, while a gorgeous place with great Tuscan views, didn't make it to the top of the list for my favorite places that we visited in Italy.

However, I did learn that St. Francis stripped down naked in the middle of town to announce his separation from his father. That, I found entertaining (especially since there is a fresco of his great act.)

We sang mass here, at St. Francis' Basilica.

And it's really too bad we didn't get to see St. Claire The Musical.
 I'm sure it's going to have great ratings.

That's about it for Assisi

June 11

Many a thing made me fall in love with Florence.

Such as:

  • the leather market...(the most beautiful jackets you've ever seen)

  • this guy

Good'ole Dave.
(I've spared you a close-up)

Just so you know, this man won me my paper plate award of
Most Likely to Become Distracted by Marble Body Parts.

  • this nice tradition

People have placed locks representing their bonds to their love on the Ponte Vecchio

  • This guy too

  • Michelangelo's grave

  • And the opportunity to reenact a scene from Puccini's Gianni Schicchi where a troubled girl threatens to throw herself from the Ponte Vecchio into the river if her rather refuses to let her marry

only to walk a mile in the wrong direction back to the obscure Baptist church where we were performing (and might I mention that hours of hot sun and forced marching add up to some quite wonderful singing...only by the grace of God, I'm sure!)

Thank you Firenze for much excitement.


  1. I laughed out loud 3 times. That's a lot. So funny. 1. "Spared you a close-up" 2. Your paper plate award 3. The face you are making with the angry guy. Yay for snippets!

  2. Were the police there making sure that nobody else put more locks on that gate?!? I heard that they've started cutting them all off and then fining or arresting people if they catch you adding a lock to it. Apparently, they don't like that tradition anymore!

  3. Yes! They are trying to put a stop to's quite sad. I'm glad I could make you laugh Jan Jan