Friday, June 18, 2010

Sam Givemeabanana

One 4 hour bus ride that nearly killed me for a long list a reasons
 3 plane rides
27 hours of traveling to return to America

and so now I return to Blog World.

June 9

I shall recap
San Gimignano
(San Jim-een-yawn-o)

or as we like to refer to it
Sam Givemeabanana 
Home of ancient sky scrapers

Awkward tourist photo.
It looked like so much fun, I had to join in.

Only the beginning of my enormous intake of pizza.

We took Dr. Hunter to see the sights.
He especially enjoyed the suits of armor.
So noble.

The Museum of Torture
extra cheesy and delicious for your enjoyment

Suddenly I felt as if I was standing in line for
Disney World's Haunted Mansion ride.
I just knew these busts in the front of this house were going to start talking to me.

Kayla, Stephanie, and I decided to take a detour to this gorgeous view.
It may or may not have been somewhat of a "private tour".
Luckily, we survived a were able to sing in our concert at Sant' Agostino that night.

Since were traveling so close to
home to the ancient Volturi family of vampires,
we were wise enough to bring along
Robert Pattinson (and Tanner)

Upon our return, we spent our last free evening in Sienna
doing as you do in Sienna.

Grab some gelato, meet a couple Americans,
 and be merry in the square.

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  1. looks like so much fun!! can't wait to hear more about it when you get back to good ole chucktown!