Saturday, April 10, 2010

Concerts and Cookie Monsters

2009-2010 Concert Singers

I had my last CSU performance last night and I have to say, even though I will be touring with Concert Singers in Italy in June, I grew quite weepy towards the end of the concert. I love singing with all of you and will miss you!

Seniors receive their shiny choir plaques (Concert Singers 2006-2010)....I'm thinking I'll be hanging mine some where in the living room so I can show it off to all of my guests, right next to my Deans List certificate. My Concert Singers plaque is almost as good as my Star Band Member trophy I received in the 7th grade.

Kayla and I are clearly trying to express our love for our plaques...however, Stephanie's has the wrong date on it (therefore she is unhappy).

After the concert, we celebrated with a cookies & cream

Big Top Cupcake

The directions clearly called for mixing the butter and sugar together before adding the rest of the ingredients...I, however, threw it all in the bowl at once and cranked up the mixer...

The result was this:

Yes, that would be frosting splattered all over the refrigerator.

I didn't feel nearly as bad about my frost-tastrophe when I saw the end results of

Big Top Cupcake

It tasted way better than it looked.

(post Big Top Cupcake consumption)


  1. so instead of the hand of adams family there is a butt. nice


  2. Um. That cupcake looks... something. Italy? What? Awesome!

  3. Frost-tastrophe! Now that's a fun word.

  4. yeah...the butt is a nice addition, isn't it? And yes! Italy! I'll be heading there in June for choir tour.

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