Monday, April 26, 2010

My new friend Leyton!

Super weekend: I finally made it home to Hendersonville to see my childhood and life long friend Ashley and meet her little boy, Leyton Bo!

Not only was it a great excuse to get out of town and enjoy the mountain weather, but I got to take tons of pictures with my new camera.

Bath time!

Leyton wasn't feeling great this weekend but he still is the cutest and happy little thing.
So sweet.

He's also quite an attention getter.
During our lunch date at Tupelo Honey this lady insisted on holding him...she had no idea her picture was going to end up on the internet.

Aunt Anna and Leyton (after she fed him ice cream).
Aunts are the best! I would know....

Me and Leyton

Napping with Mom.

We needed a nap too.

Beautiful mother.

It's great to have friends you know that will be there for forever and through any journey.
I'm so thankful for our friendship!


  1. Grandma Tupelo would be so proud of that picture. I think I'm calling her to babysit this week :) LOVE the post and the pics. You're the best. Love YOU most.

  2. so wonderful ... great photos! He is the cutest little thing!!! :)

  3. Just came across you blog.. Great photos, and he is too cute! Loved your last comment on having great friends that will be there through anything and everything! So True!