Friday, April 30, 2010

In case of a traffic jam

Should you be faced with the horrific event of being caught in stand-still traffic, follow these simple steps to maintain sanity and survive the potential 2 extra hours that you had not expected.

Keep a carton of ice cream stashed in the trunk.

You may find this applicable only after a Wal-Mart run. However, if you're anything like us, a daily trip to your local friendly Wal-Mart, the one-stop-shop, is part of the routine of life.

You're ice cream is melting in the trunk, you say?

No problem.

Plan a drive-by at the closest ice cream shop, allowing your passenger to jump out of the car. Passenger: walk confidently into the ice cream shop as if you're a paying customer.

Ask for 2 spoons.

You're going to want to grab a lot of napkins...this is going to get messy.

As the driver makes the 2nd drive-by, pop the trunk. Inconspicuously remove the ice cream from the trunk, strategically placing it under your arm, and jump into the passenger seat.
Move fast.
You don't want to tip off the ice cream girl that you just stole her spoons and napkins without asking for even as much a sample of cake batter ice cream.

save the ice cream.
Let it live up to its full potential.

Enjoy your next 2 hours.


  1. you girls are crazy! so it appears to me that you are only encouraging kinley's "goat-like" habits by just giving her the cardboard lid!!! poor baby -- i certainly hope she got some ice cream to wash down that fiber :) hope you have a great time!!

  2. Only the 2 of you would think of this! I'm glad you saved the ice cream! Have fun!

  3. haha She was only licking the lid to let the ice cream live up to its full potential! Can't let any go to waste you know...