Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Oh the places you'll go...

There is nothing about me that is tech savvy...not in the least bit. I have to ask my mother for help on Facebook quite often, I haven't got a clue how to work my own television most of the time, and I definitely do not know anything about computers. However, I have become quite Bloggerific in the past few days (which is taking a bit of a toll on my schoolwork).

My blog pretty much sopped with awfulness until Easter weekend when my sister Shea gave me the quick run down. She helped me put in my cutie-patootie background which is from HotBliggityBlog.

Also, thanks to Kevin and Amanda I now have a much more aesthetically pleasing blog. Grab this button for some Q&A's.
They can teach you how to:
  • place a signature in your blog
  • place a header into your blog
  • provide TONS of way cute fonts to download and also tell you how to change them in your blog
  • add a blog post divider

Fan of! Free Fonts. Recipes. Scrapbooking. Photography. Blog Design. Tutorials. Giveaway. Everything you're into!

As you see, I've added a signature to my blog. MyLiveSignature is a super easy site for creating a signature (or just Google handwritten signature generators). Then go to Kevin and Amanda and they'll give you the run down for putting it in your blog.

Make sure to check out Shabby Blogs for some great headers, dividers, buttons, and much more. This is where my header came from.

There is also a tutorial (using Fotoflexer) on how to place a picture in a header. You may want to try out this website for some easy photo editing. Then all you do is save the header you have edited (using the tutorials directions) to your computer and in your Layout upload it to your Header there it is! WARNING: if your background is not white (like mine is not white) you may have trouble finding a header that doesn't have a white box in the background. I haven't found a way to make it transparent but I'll let you know if I do! This goes for the post dividers too.
If anyone knows how to fix this, tell me please!!!

Also, download Picasa for a great FREE photo editing program. You can use this to write on photo's as well...but I did not find that I could get it to work with the headers so you will want to use Fotoflexer for that.

You will also find that using Photobucket is quite useful when you have to use the image address in codes. If you need to upload pictures to Photobucket (and you will be asked to), it will include it in the directions. This is also a free program to sign up for!

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  1. You are all over this blog thing and I LIKE IT. Now, as easy as you've made it...we'll see if I can figuer it out :) LOVE.